Post & Courier: “Green Heroes”

The Charleston Post & Courier published the following letter to the editor by SCGP Steering Committee member Eugene Platt published in the Sunday, August 2, 2009 edition.  Mr. Platt is an elected member of the James Island Public Service Commission.

‘Green’ heroes

With so much ongoing environmental degradation in South Carolina and around the world, it was refreshing to read the “Green corridor” story in your July 28 edition. This story describes some of the efforts and encouraging progress to protect miles of pristine land along the Four Holes Swamp.

The story mentions two environmental heroes: Norman Brunswig, executive director of Audubon South Carolina, and Will Haynie, executive director of the Lowcountry Open Land Trust.

Reading it brought to mind one of the Ten Key Values of the Green Party: personal and global responsibility. “We encourage individuals to act to improve their personal well-being and, at the same time, to enhance ecological balance and social harmony. We seek to join with people and organizations around the world to foster peace, economic justice and the health of the planet.”

Mr. Brunswig and Mr. Haynie do much more than most of us “to enhance ecological balance . . . and the health of the planet.” They deserve our appreciation and are to be commended.

Eugene Platt
Member, Steering Committee
South Carolina Green Party
Gilmore Court


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