Steering Committee needs new member

The South Carolina Green Party Steering Committee has met monthly for the past several months, both by conference call and in face to face meetings. The Steering Committee is responsible for the growth and day to day operation of the state party. There are currently six members. Two are from the Columbia area, two from the Charleston area, one from the Greenville area, and one from the Spartanburg area.

The Steering Committee needs one more person to fill out it’s ranks. The by-laws call for the party to make an effort to establish both racial and gender diversity. The steering committee members also agree that geographic diversity is important. With only one woman on the steering committee it is evident that the committee needs more women involved.

More importantly though, the committee needs active members who can provide leadership.

Membership on the steering committee requires regular participation in email discussions as well as regular attendance at two face to face meetings and one conference call per quarter. Between meeting phone calls between members is common as well. face to face meetings are most often held in Columbia, although other locations can be considered as well.

If you know anyone who is dedicated to the Ten Key Values of the Green Party, and who might be interested in helping guide the South Carolina Green Party for the next several months, please send a message to the steering committee.

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