State convention a huge success…now the real work begins!

The South Carolina Green Party held our nominating convention this past Saturday, as scheduled, at the Happy China Buffet. With a full agenda we were able to stay on track, and concluded our most successful convention to date with a bang. We honored Elke Kennedy and her husband Jim Parker for their work with Sean’s Last Wish Foundation, and also honored Rolf Baghdady for his service to some of South Carolina’s poorer citizens, and for his service as the Green Party’s attorney in our fight against Duke Energy of the Carolina’s rate hike request before the Public Service Commission. We raised money for the state party and for Sean’s Last Wish, and nominated our slate of candidates.

We also elected Eugene Platt, Larry Carter Center, Sue Edward and Scott West to full two year terms on the Steering Committee. Scott West and Larry Carter Center were also elected to represent the SCGP at the national convention scheduled for this summer in Detroit. The Steering Committee will elect officers and delegates to the national committee at the next committee meeting.

Each campaign needs help in the next few months. We are not a party with a lot of wealth, so each of us can make a big difference with a donation of time, skills or cash…or all three! From press officers to fund raisers to campaign managers to door knockers, our candidates need your support! To offer your help, please write and I’ll put you in touch with someone who needs your help right away.


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