For United States Senate: Tom Clements

2010 South Carolina Green Party Candidate For United States Senate: Tom Clements

Tom Clements for United States Senate

Tom Clements is currently the Southeastern Nuclear Campaign Coordinator for the US branch of Friends of the Earth, a full-time position he has held since January 2008. Tom worked for 13 years as a nuclear campaigner with the Greenpeace International nuclear campaign and for three years was the director of the Nuclear Control Institute in Washington, DC, where he worked on a host of issues related to proliferation of nuclear materials and technology. In the past, Tom has served as a volunteer with the Red Cross, Peace Brigades International, and with the Talking Books Program in Georgia. Tom has a Masters in Forest resources from the University of Georgia and a BA from Emory University. He is a sixth generation Georgian who was born in Savannah. In 2009, Tom won the Grassroots Activist of the Year award from the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (umbrella group of NGO’s working around Department Of Energy nuclear sites) and also won the Thunder and Lightning activist award from the S.C. Progressive Network in 2009.
Visit the Tom Clements for Senate Facebook page here.
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