Go Green with Eugene

Independence and Integrity

Update 8/16/10

Platt’s Independent Petition Candidacy


The Platt campaign turned in over 2,000 signatures from voters in District 115 who wanted to have the option to vote for an independent voice outside of the Democratic and Republican Parties. The South Carolina State Elections Commission then checked to ensure the signatures were valid, and on August 13 certified his petition candidacy! Eugene’s name will now appear twice on the ballot, once as a petition candidate, and once as a Green, since he won the nomination of the Green Party at their state convention in May. Voters will be able to send a message that they are fed up with politics as usual in the State House and choose a true independent to represent them for a change!

Eugene sends his thanks and gratitude to the voters of District 115 for your support in helping him achieve this historical accomplishment. The campaign will be thrilled to have your vote and continued support over the next 11 weeks to finally give him the honor to serve you in the State House in November!

-Paul Platt,
Campaign Manager



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