Photos from the NAACP event and protest, December 20, 2010

The Post and Courier put up a set of ten photographs from the NAACP protest and the Secession Ball.     Interestingly the paper doesn’t have any pictures of SC politicians State Senator Glenn McConnell,  State Rep. Chip Limehouse and Charleston City Councilman Tim Mallard, who performed in a play re-enacting the secession convention: ” The dialogue was taken from records of the event, which meant that it closely resembled a legislative session, complete with parliamentary procedure.”  When will this appear on Youtube?

There are pictures of the protest, though.

Don't Celebrate Slavery and Terrorism. Source: Post & Courier.

Lonnie Randolf, president of the SC NAACP, speaks to the crowd. Source: Post & Courier.

Getty Images has excellent pictures of the protest here:

Among the crowd was Tom Clements, Green Party candidate for Senate in 2010, winner of 9.22% of the total vote.


And also the attendees:


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