Associated Press on New York Green Party

As part of a longer article on minor parties in New York, AP discusses the recent success of the Green Party of New York:

The Green Party pulled 59,928 votes. Their effort was led by the strong performance by the party’s candidate for governor, Howie Hawkins, in the only debate of the campaign. An eye-catching TV and Internet ad had New Yorkers asking, “Where are the (expletive) jobs?” Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate and former Green Party presidential nominee, also stumped for Hawkins in New York.

Hawkins told supporters now is the time to create a more organized and better-funded party.

“We give people a real alternative,” said Hawkins, who has run for several offices, including Congress, under the Green Party.

The Green Party will have a stronger voice for revising the income tax so wealthier New Yorkers pay more, charge a stock transfer tax on Wall Street, fight against layoffs of unionized workers and ban the use of hydraulic fracturing to extract gas from wells in the Southern Tier, a process critics say could threaten drinking water supplies.

Hawkins said ballot status also gives the party more time to back candidates in special elections between election terms and other advantages.

“It makes a big difference in how you run your campaigns,” he said.

Hawkins ran on a platform the campaign called the “Green New Deal”, most of which can be found here:

The full article, which also discusses the Conservative, Working Families, Independence and Libertarian parties can be found here. It’s worth noting that only the Green and Libertarian parties ran independent campaigns. The other parties endorsed Democrats (Independence and Working Families) or Republicans (Conservative). The Rent is Too Damn High Party also gets a mention.

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