Green Party Watch Poll on 2012 Presidential Nomination

Green Party Watch has an online straw poll for the 2012 Green presidential nomination. We mention it here because one of the names mentioned is…Tom Clements. Also, eight other Green Party nominees for federal office.

While there are a few names that should be added to the list and I’m not telling you to vote a certain way…

Tom Clements has said before that it is unlikely, but not impossible, he would run for office again.  The experience was an overall positive for him, but he’d like to see what other people do with the opportunity.   So a Presidential or Vice-Presidential run by Tom would have to be even more remote.

We’re glad that Tom was our candidate for Senate in 2010 and certainly look to work with him in the future.   But we don’t intend to champion him for the Green Party US Presidential nomination.  There is a lot of work on the ground needed in South Carolina.  We might accomplish more by running building up the county organizations.  In fact, we almost certainly would.

Still, the future is unwritten…and we can look at this straw poll as a way to get familiar with a few other Green Party past-candidates from around the country and their campaigns.


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