German Greens Surge Ahead In State Elections

Thanks to Die Grüne Washington for the link:

German Greens have surged to second place in state elections in southern Germany.  Green Party leader Winfried Kretschmann will likely become the first minister (equivalent of Governor) in coalition with the third place Social Democratic Party.

The success of the Greens is due to a dissatisfaction with politics as usual and a reaction against nuclear power after the disasters in Japan.   Germany gets 28% of its power from nuclear reactors; the U.S. only 20%.

Yet people in Germany enjoy a more open democratic system than here in the U.S.  Dissatisfaction with the current government – and in particular with nuclear power – put new representatives into the state government.    Germany is going to have the opportunity to try Green policies at the state level.  We expect and wish them the best over the next few years.


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