SC Green Party passes resolution for new voting system

The South Carolina Green Party has become the first political party in South Carolina to pass a resolution demanding our legislature to acquire a voting system with a verifiable paper trail, in addition to requesting our legislature to “direct the Legislative Audit Council to initiate a review of the iVotronic voting machines”.

We would like to thank Eugene Platt for all his hard work, persistence, and determination in helping pass this resolution. Eugene Platt was also instrumental in getting the James Island Public Service District to be the first group of elected officials to pass a resolution for a new voting system in South Carolina.

Below is the entire resolution.


WHEREAS the South Carolina Green Party is a ballot-qualified political party affiliated with the Green Party of the United States; and

WHEREAS one of the Green Party’s Ten Key Values, Grassroots Democracy, is expressed as follows: “All human beings deserve a say in the decisions that affect their lives. We work to increase public participation at every level of government.” And

WHEREAS we live in a republic in which the right to vote in free elections is cherished; and

WHEREAS all who vote in such elections have a reasonable expectation that their respective votes will be counted exactly as cast, allowing all voters a high degree of confidence not only in the integrity, but also in the accuracy of the entire electoral process; and

WHEREAS many citizens do not have full confidence in the iVotronic voting machines currently used for elections in South Carolina; and

WHEREAS a concern frequently expressed about the iVotronic voting machines is they do not provide a paper trail that could facilitate unequivocal confirmation of election results; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED: The South Carolina Green Party implores the State Legislature, during its current session, to direct the Legislative Audit Council to initiate a review of the iVotronic voting machines, toward replacement with voting machines (made in the U.S.A. if available) that incorporate a paper trail—or, alternatively, replacement with any other creditable procedure, including paper ballots—which will increase voter confidence in the electoral process.

Adopted this sixteenth day of April 2011


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