Occupy Columbia. October 15, 9 AM all day and as long as possible.


Occupy Columbia


The occupation of Columbia is to begin October 15th, 9 AM on the State House Grounds. This event does not have an end date.

We need to make sure that this growth in the population’s awareness does not falter. Though most of the media has decided to black out the heroic actions of the collection in new york it can be certain that it has caught the attention of both the 1 percenters and the other 99 we reside in.

General Information
If you are unsure what this is or wish more information just google OCCUPY WALLSTREET or visit http://www.occupywallstreet.org or http://www.occupytogether.org for more information. We need to let our own local politicians and media know our own anger and resentment on a system that is strangling the world through greed and convenience.

-Occupy Columbia is not a partisan movement; it has no political leaning toward any party of America’s political system. It is a movement seeking alter a broken political system though this is not the sole intent of the movement and all opinions have voice in Occupy Columbia.
-No drug and alcohol use is allowed

Email: OccupyColumbia@gmail.com
Website: http://occupywallstreet.org and http://occupycolumbiasc.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/occupycolumbia

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