Two Ways to Watch Occupy Columbia Live on the Web

WordPress won’t cooperate with hosting the livestream feed here, so travel over to these URLs to watch what is going on at the State House. Speakers are broadcast live, and rebroadcast during downtimes. Meetings and assemblies are broadcast live as well, giving you a taste of the cooperative and open way things are working.

Direct feed:

Rebroacast by The State (!):

Many pictures have been taken over the past week out there.  Here are a few dozen that have mostly appeared on the SC Green Party Facebook page, now reposted here for the world to see.

It is important to note that the Occupy events aren’t partisan.  They aren’t Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or Green events.  The Green Party of the US broadly supports the movement, as do other groups like the AFL-CIO.   It is evident from participating on the ground that the occupations are going to work in their own way.  Preexisting groups can be revitalized by the movement, or they can fight it, but they shouldn’t try to control it.



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