Jill Stein Campaign Achieves Presidential Matching Funds

We are very proud to announce that Jill Stein is the only 2012 progressive presidential candidate to secure the necessary public support to qualify for federal matching funds!

The first $250 donated by any adult citizen or legal resident is counted by the Federal Election Commission as a qualifying donation, and will be doubled once the Stein campaign’s application for matching funds has been approved. To gain approval, the campaign must demonstrate that it has raised at least $5000 in qualifying donations in each of at least 20 states.

The Stein campaign passed that threshold over the weekend.  At the time of reporting, the Stein campaign raised $187,413.58.  South Carolinians donated $944.12 to the campaign in total, so far.

Once the Federal Election Commission approves the application for matching funds, all donations will be doubled.  So, if you were holding back or waiting on a bit of good news, now is the time to donate!


For more information see: http://www.jillstein.org/funding

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