Press Release: South Carolina Green Party Looks Forward to Senate Race

South Carolina Green Party Looks Forward to Senate Race

The South Carolina Green Party Convention nominated well-known Columbia progressive Tom Clements for the office of United States Senator on May 1st of this year.   Clements’ name will appear on the ballot against incumbent Jim DeMint in the November 2, 2010 election.

Tom brings a long history of personal involvement in politics through his activism against nuclear power and for environmental responsibility.

Incumbent Republican Senator Jim DeMint deserves a vigorous challenge for his lack of attention to the people of South Carolina.  His policies –  outright opposition to any substantive health care reform, a weakening of campaign finance rules, laxity in corporate controls, unbridled support for Wall Street greed, uncritical boosterism of the nuclear and oil industries and an unseemly enthusiasm for an interventionist foreign policy that has needlessly cost of American lives and dollars – harm rather than benefit the people of South Carolina.

Tom Clements is a candidate with a history of public service and employment with organizations that have made a direct, positive impact on the lives of South Carolinians.