Tom Clements addresses nuke safety after Virginia earthquake

In an article published at The, South Carolina Green Party candidate for US Senate Tom Clements addressed the risks exposed by the earthquake in Virginia.

“This event affirms that reactors located outside active earthquake zones are also at risk and that increased steps to protect against earthquakes must be implemented at all sites. It is time to push aside industry and NRC foot-dragging and strengthen nuclear reactor safety regulations.”


Green Party of the US: Live Video from 2011 Annual Meeting

Green Fest 2011, Green Party of the US 2011 Annual Meeting, Alfred, NY

Green Party of the US 2011 Annual Meeting in Alfred, NY, streaming live

Watch live streaming video from greenpartyus at

The Green Party of the US is conducting the 2011 annual meeting in Alfred, New York. In keeping with Green principles of open discussion, sessions and workshops from the meeting are being streamed live on the internet. Items to be discussed include:

  • Formation of a Green Labor Network:
  • A panel of Green candidates, including Cheri Honkala, candidate for Sheriff of Philadelphia.
  • Speech by Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada and Member of the Canadian Parliament.
  • Presentation by Richard Grossman, co-author of ‘Defying Corporations, Defining Democracy’.

A full agenda for the meeting can be found here: