UPDATE: The elections to the State Convention of June 22, 2013 are as follows.
  • Sue Edward, Charleston 2013 – 2015 (re-elected)
  • Scott West, Columbia, 2013 – 2015 (re-elected)
Steering Committee Members
Newly Elected (2013 – 2015)
  • David Crossley (one year term 2013 – 2014, filling unexpired term)
  • David Whiteman (re-elected)
  • Rolf Baghdadi (re-elected)
  • Bill Kreml
  • Thom Taylor
Continuing members of the steering committee
  • David Gillespie
  • Eugene Platt
  • Sue Edwards
  • Scott West
Please join us for the annual state convention of the South Carolina Green Party in Columbia on Saturday, June 22nd.  Details will be announced soon.  Everyone is encouraged to attend!

South Carolina Green Party

Nominations are now open for election to the Steering Committee.  Nominations and confirmations (see below) must be received no later than June 8th (two weeks before the State Convention).  The terms of two Steering Committee members are expiring (Rolf Baghdady and David Whiteman), and three other positions are open, so up to five members will be elected (four two-year terms and one one-year term).
Nominations may be emailed (to or mailed (to SCGP, P.O. Box 5341, Columbia, SC 29250).
In order to be eligible to be on the ballot, anyone nominated must certify by June 8th that they (a) are interested in being on the ballot, (b) are a member of the Party, and (c) do not occupy a leadership position in any other political party.  All nominees should also submit a brief personal statement for inclusion in the State Convention agenda packet.  After nominations are closed, the Steering Committee will provide a final list of nominees.
According the SCGP bylaws, in order to vote at the state convention, you have to have been a member of the party for at least 30 days, so make sure your membership is current by May 23rd.
According to state law, in order to be eligible for membership in the Party, you have to be (a) at least eighteen years of age, (b) a registered voter, and (c) a citizen of South Carolina and the United States.  In order be a SCGP member, you must also (a) have a statement on file indicating support for the Ten Key Values and (b) have either paid dues in the past year or been an active member of a party organization in the state.  Annual membership contributions ($25 suggested) can be sent to the SCGP, P.O. Box 5341, Columbia, SC, 29250.

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