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The following documents are not created by the South Carolina Green Party, or its members. These are documents created by civic organizations as well as minor and major political parties active in the state.   No endorsement of the conclusions found in these reports is implied, although members of the SCGP may or may not agree.

Likewise, presume no endorsement of the South Carolina Green Party by the authors of these reports.

We feel that these documents are important enough for SC politics and policy discussions that we collect them here. Significant research has gone into these reports, and all political parties and civic organizations should take their findings into account.
If you know of another public policy document that ought to be included, leave a comment or contact the editor at slwest (at) gmail (dot) com.

Document Organization Authors Outside
Publication Date
Climate Change Impacts To Natural Resources In South Carolina
Revised Final Draft – November 18, 2011
[Shelved S.C. DNR climate warming report]
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Bob Perry,
Hope Mizzel
Climate Change Impacts – Technical Working Group
Link 18 November 2011
An Audit of the November 2, 2010 Election in Richland County The League Of Women Voters Of South Carolina Duncan A. Buell, Eleanor Hare, Frank Heindel, Chip Moore Link 14 February 2011
Doing Better: Progressive tax reform ideas for South Carolina Center For A Better South Testimony byAndy Brack Link 19 February 2010
Final Report of the South Carolina Taxation Realignment Commission SC TRAC See Page 8 of the Report Link December 2010

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