Results from 2016 State Convention

The South Carolina Green Party held a very successful State Convention on Saturday, April 30th, with 25 members from around the state in attendance.  Delegates and members heard from several candidates, including presidential candidates Jill Stein and Bill Kreml, and enjoyed getting to meet others and share stories about activities across the state.

The party will send eight delegates to the Green Party National Convention, to be held in Houston in August.  Five delegates will be pledged to Bill Kreml, and three delegates will be pledged to Jill Stein.

Five candidates were successfully nominated for other offices:  Thomas Dixon (U.S. Senate), Dimitri Cherny (U.S. House, District 1), Arik Bjorn (U.S. House, District 2), Prince Charles Mallory (U.S. House, District 6), and Scott West (S.C. Senate, District 20).

Four members were also elected to the State Steering Committee for 2016-2018.  Sue Edward, Dave Gillespie, and Scott West were re-elected, and Thom Taylor (who had previously served) was elected to another term.

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